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Silk Pillowcase, SGMSILK 100% 22 Momme 6A Soft and Smooth Texture of Mulberry Silk, Deep Grey

Silk Pillowcase, SGMSILK 100% 22 Momme 6A Soft and Smooth Texture of Mulberry Silk, Deep Grey

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  • Luxurious Sleep Experience: SGMSILK's premium silk pillowcases provide a luxurious and silky-smooth sleep experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: The soft and breathable silk material of SGMSILK's pillowcases can help regulate body temperature, reduce sweating, and promote more restful sleep.
  • Hair and Skin Health: SGMSILK's silk pillowcases can alleviate hair tangling and reduce facial creases, which can help protect hair and skin health over time.
  • Hypoallergenic and Gentle: Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic silk, SGMSILK's pillowcases are gentle on all skin types and free from harsh chemicals and dyes.
  • Easy Care and Long-Lasting: SGMSILK's pillowcases are easy to care for and can last for years with proper maintenance, making them a durable and worthwhile investment in your sleep and beauty routine.
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Customer Reviews

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SGMSILK 100% 22 Momme Silk Queen Pillowcase

There is nothing better to sleep on than silk in my several years' long opinion. Once I slept on the first one, over time I changed out all my cases. BTW when I buy a new sheet set, I use the pillowcases that come with the set as a pillow protector, then pull the silk case over that.

I had mixed feelings about the zipper when I ordered the first such pillowcase. Before that cases were open at one end. I was recently reminded how nice that zipper is when I grabbed one of the older cases without a zipper without realizing it until I started to put it on the pillow. Rather than put it back and get a zippered case, I went ahead and used it.

Well. Every morning I had to readjust the case as it inevitably slipped half way off the pillow during the night. Now I make sure to get zippers!! The zipper on this particular case works smoothly, without glitches. The color is a nice steel shade of gray with a slight sheen. One receives a scrap nicely packed with the pillow to set fire to in order to test if it is indeed silk.

Finally the pillowcase is nicely packed in what I would consider a giftable box. It washed in cold water without incident and line dried like new. If properly cared for silk pillowcases will last a long time. This SGMSILK pillowcase seems to be no exception to that. It looks good, is well made and is wonderful to sleep on. Highly recommended.

Optimus Prime
comfy, luxurious pillowcase, not as cooling as tencel

I have long hair and I live in Florida, so my pillowcases tend to cling to my hair and create static and "bedhead" in the morning. I had read ads that said silk pillowcases were cool to the touch and were great for long hair in that they did not cling or create static. So, I decided to try this one.

Note that since these are silk, they need to be treated as delicate, so when I did wash them, it did it on the delicate setting. I did not dry them, but hung them on a hanger to dry. They came out not very wrinkled that way, and once I put them on the pillow and slept on them overnight, the wrinkles came out. Overall, I would prefer not to dry them, as silk does better if not dried, and I really don't care if my pillowcase is wrinkled anyway.

While sleeping on them, my hair did not cling to them like my other pillowcases, and when I got out of bed, my hair was not standing up, so no bedhead. They feel very nice to sleep on and are quite comfortable. They are cooler than cotton pillowcases.

At under $30 per pillow case, these are nice and luxurious, and, as silk pillowcases go, the price is not overly high. I do think that if you main requirement is a cooling pillowcase, tencel may be a better option.

Great for reducing morning frizz

Beautiful and elegantly boxed, love that it has a zipper enclosure, great for reducing frizz in curly hair, perfect color, very well made.