What is the best thickness for silk pillowcase?

What is the best thickness for silk pillowcase?

When it comes to enhancing your sleep experience and promoting hair and skin health, silk pillowcases have gained significant popularity. However, navigating the realm of silk pillowcases can be bewildering, especially when considering factors such as material quality, momme weight, and overall thickness. In this article, we delve into the critical question: What is the best thickness for a silk pillowcase?

Understanding Momme Weight: A Key Indicator of Quality

The momme (mm) weight of a silk fabric is a fundamental metric that directly influences its quality, durability, and overall feel. The higher the momme weight, the denser and more substantial the silk. While silk pillowcases are available in a range of momme weights, the sweet spot for optimal comfort and benefits typically falls between 19mm and 22mm.

The Benefits of a Moderate Thickness (19mm - 22mm)

Luxurious Comfort with Durability

Silk pillowcases in the 19mm to 22mm range offer a delightful blend of opulent comfort and lasting durability. These pillowcases maintain their elegance and softness while still being able to withstand regular use and laundering. You can rest assured that your investment in a pillowcase of this thickness will continue to deliver a luxurious experience over time.

Hair and Skin Benefits Intact

The moderate thickness of 19mm to 22mm strikes a harmonious balance between gentleness and effectiveness. SGMSILK silk pillowcase is made of 22 Momme pure silk, the fabric is silky and moisturizes the facial skin. That provides the desired benefits for your hair and skin health, including reduced friction, minimized tangles, and preserved skin hydration. Say goodbye to waking up with bedhead or sleep lines and hello to a smoother morning routine.

Affordability without Compromise

Pillowcases in this thickness range offer exceptional value for their quality. You can experience the luxury of silk without breaking the bank. Their combination of comfort, durability, and price make them a popular choice for those seeking an upgrade to their sleep regimen without an exorbitant cost.

Considerations Beyond 22mm

While the 19mm to 22mm range is widely favored, silk pillowcases with a momme weight exceeding 22mm are also available. These thicker options can provide enhanced durability and a more substantial feel. However, they might come at a slightly higher price point and could be perceived as heavier by some individuals.


In the quest for the best thickness for your silk pillowcase, personal preference plays a pivotal role. Your comfort, budget, and desired silk experience will ultimately guide your decision. If you prioritize an optimal blend of comfort, benefits for hair and skin, and reasonable cost, the 19mm to 22mm range is an excellent choice. Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort of silk pillowcases.

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